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Dillivry launches platform to connect logistics, other service providers

7 months ago
Herald News

DETERMINED to redefine logistics business in the country, an online marketplace which specializes in deploying modern technology for smooth business transactions, Dillivry, has launched its fast rising tech platform.

The platform, according to the promoters, has delivered quality services for operators of logistics business in the country since inception.

While speaking, the Chief Executive and Technology Officer (CETO) of Datamellon and Promoter of Dillivry, Mr. Wale Adedeji said: “When we started building the platform, we set out to achieve few things: make it super easy for individuals and businesses to request delivery with a few clicks and get their items delivered at the best price without having to chase after any rider or driver; make the platform a central hub for all delivery needs in the country where logistics providers can quote for jobs, do more business and never travel empty on either leg of their journey; and charge the smallest fee and allow providers to set their rates and earn.”

Adedeji said with the democratisation of delivery business, Dillivry has succeeded in providing amazing opportunities for individuals with means of transportation to earn extra income by embracing options available on Dillivry platform to make their deliveries, stating that the platform also provides more jobs and Return on Investments (RoI) for logistics companies across the nation.

He said since it started operation, the platform has successfully on-boarded well over 10, 000 transporters who now use the platform to enhance their logistics business across the country, hinting further that Dillivry being a major indigenous player in logistics marketplace offers better options where senders request for delivery and verified providers compete to get the job done with their quoted prices.

“We are the number one delivery app where the senders have a real choice of who carries out their delivery request. Transporters submit no obligation quotes which are visible to every registered and verified provider on the platform. The only logistics app where the transporters determine their prices and cash-out instantly as soon as the sender makes payment, and all security codes processed by the provider.

“When a sender requests a delivery, he or she can specify same-day service or schedule for a future date.  If a job is to be done same-day, we advise the sender to review and accept quotes on time as they are being submitted by the logistics providers. We have a robust dispute resolution mechanism to deal with missing item claims. However, what we have seen on the platform so far, are dedicated, trustworthy and hard-working providers who have been handling customers’ items with care and zero case of missing items reported so far from thousands of successfully completed deliveries we have recorded,” Adedeji said, adding that smart technology has provided the leeway for people to do their businesses with convenience.

According to him, it is an online platform where riders, drivers, transporters and logistics companies compete to deliver their respective goods and other services from anywhere to anywhere in Nigeria. The platform, as such, is currently 100per cent Bootstrap by Datamellon with no external funding.

The firm provides a simple process of moving items at the most competitive price by listing client’s delivery request and letting the registered and verified transporters and logistics providers compete to carry out the job.

The app, according to him, is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store or via the web at https://dillivry.com

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